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Women’s Basketball


All Western Region Team/Defensive Player of the Year



#15 Emilie Munnandibu was recognized by the NCCAA.  Emilie was voted to the NCCAA Western Region First Team and was also voted Defensive Player of The Year!   Emillie is a transfer from Arizona Western.  She is from The Democratic Republic of Congo.


#12 Lisette Longomo  was recognized by the NCCAA.   Lisette was  voted to the NCCAA Western Region Second Team. Lisette is a transfer from Arizona Western.  She is from The Democratic Republic of Congo.

” These ladies improved daily,” said Bethesda Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  ” Emilie and Lisette are some of the best teammates and people that I have been around in a long time.  They are like sponges, always soaking up information so that they can apply it to their game.  In the classroom and on the court, the girls are winners.  Next year will be a big year for the ladies as we look to add some key pieces around them so they can continue to flourish.  The coaching staff, athletic staff, school and I,  are extremely proud of Emilie and Lisette .  We wish nothing but future success for these ladies.”


Bounced From The Dance

Point Loma - Emilie Munnandibu and the Flames showed up to the dance, but Emilie Munnandibu did more than just show up.  She dominated the pain in a hard fought losing battle.  She was dominant inside all game. She recorded a double-double for the Flames with 23 points and 23 rebounds, including 15 on the offensive glass. She also added five blocks.

The Sea Lions never trailed in the contest en route to earning their right to play at Azusa Pacific in the NCCAA West Regional final on Tuesday, Mar. 4 at 5:30 p.m. PLNU scored the first six points of the game and BUC never cut the lead below four. The Sea Lions led by as many as 19 points in the first half and took a 42-26 lead into the locker room.

The loss ends the Flames season at 8-21.

Dancing In March







Anaheim, CA - “I had all the players turn in their equipment last week.  I didn’t think we would get to play again this year.  My assistant and I have been on the road recruiting for the last 2 weeks!” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ We have one more chance to end the season on a better note, so I hope we take advantage of this blessing.”

The Bethesda Women’s basketball team will compete in the first round of the NCCAA Western Region Playoffs along with the Men’s team.  “This is big for our University and our athletic program.  The Men’s & Women’s soccer team made the tournament earlier this year and now the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams are also playing in the post season.” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ I think both programs played very tough schedules and I just want all the players to play hard and have fun!”

The west region playoffs are set , but the home site for the women’s opening game will not be decided until this weekends conference games.

Mon March 3– Bethesda @ PLNU  7:30 pm
Tue March 4– Winner @ APU- TBA  -  Championship game
Mon March 3–Bethesda @ APU OR PLNU –TBA
Tue March 4– Winner @ APU OR PLNU–(HIGHEST SEED) TBA
The women’s sites will be announced on Saturday March 1

Tough Loss to End The Season

Santa Cruz, CA - “What a way to end the season.  We gave up 16 offensive rebounds and turned the ball over 19 times.  Not having a true Point Guard just kills us!” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ As I have said all seasons, box out, rebound, and take care of the basketball.”

This game was a defensive struggle in the first half.  The Slugs kept the Flames at bay with back to back jumpers. The Slugs held a slim 19-13 lead with 3 minutes to go.  Jumpers by the Slugs kept the lead to nine points but the Flames responded with a jumper by Lisette Longomo and a three point bomb by Brittney Bramlett. The first half closed with a strange sequence. The Slugs held the ball for the last shot.  The Slugs raced in and was fouled trying to tip in the shot at the buzzer.  The Slugs converted one of two and the Slugs led 28-21 but the coach for Bethesda objected too vigorously and was assed a technical as the teams left the floor.

The Slugs started the second half scoring by converting the two free throws from the technical.   The Flames dropped in five quick points but the Slugs ended the run by snatching an errant Flame pass and hit the streaking player for an easy layup.   The Slugs seemed in control when they hit 1 of 2 from the line. UC Santa Cruz held what seemed to be a commanding 52-41 lead with only 6 minutes to go. Suddenly the Slugs went cold and the Flames heated up.  Emille Munnandibiu ignited a 15-1 Flame run with plays at both ends of the floor. With one minute to go, the Slugs stared at a 56-53 deficit. The Slugs hit two free throws but the Slugs still trailed 58-57 with only 38 seconds left.  Coach Kent had a decision to make. Foul and hope the Bethesda missed a free throw or play defense and try to force a turnover. Coach Kent rolled the dice and selected defense. The Slugs pressed all over the floor and they forced an errant pass. The Flames committed a back court violation and the Slugs earned one last chance.

The Flames got an open 3 point look for the win but it bounced off the rim. A Slug player collided with a Flame player as she fell to the floor with the ball, instead of calling a travel. The referees ruled the play a jump ball. The possession arrow pointed the Slugs way. The Bethesda coach ferociously argued for a travel, but the call was not overturned!

“People come to see the game, they don’t come to see the refs! The call before the half and at the end of the game hurt us, but that’s not why we lost.  We lost because we could not take care of the basketball and rebound. ” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ We had a tremendous season.  When I arrived on campus the team only had 6 players and was coming off a winless season.  In such a short time we have become competitive and our future looks bright.  I just hope some of these same teams won’t duck us this coming up year when it is time to schedule.”



Different Game Same Results

 Santa Cruz, CA - “Seems like I preach the same sermon every game. When you give up over 20 offensive rebounds and turn the ball over 20 plus times you can expect to loose,” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ As I have said all seasons, box out, rebound, and take care of the basketball.”  “If you do that, you can at least give your self a chance to win.” Pruitt said. “We have players worried about the wrong thing, individual performances do not win games, team effort wins games.  Until we realize that we will continue to be a sub-500 team.  Chemistry is important in the game of basketball and if we don’t have it or attempt to achieve it we will continue to struggle in close games.  We have played over 25 games and have come a long way from the winless season last-year, but if you are satisfied with being below average, you are in the wrong program.  You can’t improve your individual game if you do not work on it during the offseason and on your own time.” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt. “You can’t improve as a team if you do not work together.”

U.C. Santa Cruz edge out The Lady Flames to score the first win in program history 63-59. Turnovers down the stretched killed the Lady Flames.  The Lady Flames gave up a season high 24 offensive rebounds while turning the ball over 22 times.

Stay tuned for more details.

Recognized Nationally & Regionally

“History Making Progress at Bethesda University of California”

Anahiem, Calif – Several members of the Lady Flames basketball team received national and regional recognition for their achievements on the hardwood this season.

#3 Arta Kublacova  IMG_2170was recognized by the NCCAA for her shooting percentage from behind the arc.  Arta is currently ranked #9 in the NCCAA Western Region for her 3-point Field Goal Percentage.  Arta is a transfer from Vincennes University.  She is from Riga, Latvia.



IMG_2167#15 Emilie Munnandibu was recognized by the NCCAA for her Field Goal Percentage, Rebounding, and Blocks. Emille currently has a NCCAA national ranking of #12 in Field Goal Percentage, #2 in Rebounds, and #5 in Blocks.  She also has NCCAA Western Region ranking of #2 in blocks and #1 in Field Goal Percentage.  Emillie is a transfer from Arizona Western.  She is from The Democratic Republic of Congo.

IMG_2186#4  Gabriela Borges was recognized by the NCCAA for her shooting percentage from behind the arc, steals, and assists.  Gabby is currently ranked #2 in the NCCAA Western Region for her 3-point Field Goal Percentage, #9 for her steals and #9 for her assists.  Gabby is a transfer from Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah.  She is from Varginha, Brazil.


IMG_2182#12 Lisette Longomo  was recognized by the NCCAA for scoring ability.  Lisette is currently ranked #10 in the NCCAA Western Region for her ability to score points  Lisette is a transfer from Arizona Western.  She is from The Democratic Republic of Congo.

” These ladies are improving daily along with the team,” said Bethesda Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  ” All of the ladies were put into a tough situation this year, coming from different programs, speaking different languages, and having 16 new teammates.  This year has been a roller coaster, but when all is said and done we are improving daily, learning to trust each other and preparing for today and the future.  Thankfully we should have 14-16 players return next year along with a couple of key additions.  This should put us in a position to continue to compete.”

Congratulations to #3 Arta Kublacova,  #15 Emilie Munnandibu, #4 Gabriela Borges, and #12 Lisette Longomgo for your individual achievements and making history at Bethesda University of California!

Defending Champs Beat Lady Flames By 10

Westmont College – “That did not come easily tonight,” said Westmont head coach Kirsten Moore after the game. “They have great size inside. They were packing it the zone and making it hard for us to score from the interior. Thankfully, we were hitting from the outside and got going in the first half.”

Just three minutes and 45 seconds into the game, Westmont held a 15-2 lead with Westmont contributing 11 points on three buckets from beyond the arc and a ten-foot jumper. The rest of the game proved to be closely contested with the Warriors holding no less than a five point lead and no more than a 15 point lead.

While the Warriors outshot the Flames 41.4 percent to 24.6 percent, the Flames controlled the boards 56 to 38.

“That was the worst offensive performance we have had this year,” said Bethesda head coach Jason Pruitt after the game. “They are the defending national champs.  They know how to win in tough situations. We are still learning how to be winners.  Thankfully, we will have the same team back next year with a couple of additions.  I’m looking forward to seeing them next year.”

Start Red Hot, But End Ice Cold

Fullerton, Calif - Bethesda held the lead for after the first half as they shot an impressive 51.4% from the field.  HIU on the other hand shot 42.1% from the field in first 20 minutes as they were down 45-42 at the break.

The Royals nailed seven three pointers in the first half to keep themselves with striking distance.

The halftime speech must have been all about defense because the Royals certainly turned up the defensive pressure in the final 20 minutes.  However, the Flames responded one more time and eventually built a 49-48 advantage.  Emilie Munnandibu scored five straight points to give BUC that lead.  The 6-5 Munnandibu finished the game topping all scorers with 22 points.

HIU answered with a 16-2 run to build a 64-51 lead.  Despite HIU building as large as a 14 point lead, Bethesda fought back to climb within four at 69-65 with 5:46 to go in the contest.

But the Royals outscored the Flames 15-6 down the stretch to close out the win.

In the second half, HIU shot exactly 50.0% from the field while holding BUC to just 26.5% from the field.

Flames Remain Undefeated At Home

Eagle Rock, Calif. - Bethesda remains undefeated at home.  Up by 10 with 2:54 left in the game, the Lady Flames withstood a big run and offensive burst to find a way to get the win. SDC’s comeback bid fell just short as they were defeated by Bethesda University 65-62 Monday night at Occidental College.  Down the stretch the Lady Flames converted 5-of-6 free throws

SDC’s last lead in the game was by a point as the Lady Hawks were up 34-33 with 18:31 left in the game. Bethesda led the rest of the way.  With the win, Bethesda improves to 8-15.

For the game, SDC shot 34.8 percent from the floor including 9-of-29 from beyond the arc. Bethesda was a tad better shooting 42.4 percent from the field. The Flames controlled the boards with a 48-34 advantage.

#1 Team in the Country Put To The Test

LA MIRADA, Calif. - Bethesda challenged No. 1 Vanguard to its tightest competition of the season on Saturday night. Despite the score (71-58) being closer than usual, the result was no different as the Lions notched win number 11 to maintain a perfect 2013-14 slate.

“It’s been the sermon that I have been preaching all season. When you give up 19 offensive rebounds and your two starting guards turn the ball over 12 times you can expect to loose,” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “ As I have said all season, we have to stick to the basics, box out, rebound, and take care of the basketball.”  “If you do that, you can at least give your self a chance to win.” Pruitt said.

The Flames dropped the game by a final score of 71-58.


Flames Drop Another Close One

LA MIRADA, Calif. — It was a wild game with plenty of turnovers, an abnormal amount of blocks and a very tense ending, but it all added up to the Eagles’ third consecutive win.Biola and Bethesda met on a chilly Friday night in a rematch of their rivalry that took place at the end of November. BUC won the last meeting by just two points, and the Eagles paid them back tonight, getting a 71-69 win.Bethesda built their lead in the early minutes of the game, cruising to a comfortable eight-point lead after a 10-0 run to start the first half. Key to this run was their guard, Art Kubacova, who made two layups, a free-throw and one of her three three-pointers of the night to help build the lead.It took 12 minutes off the clock, and left the game with just four minutes remaining, but a huge 26-9 run by the Eagles late handed them a nine-point advantage that seemed insurmountable that late in the game.The Flames saw that they were about to be extinguished and put together a run of their own to make the game excruciatingly close in the final minute. They were able to get some late production out of their big post player, Emilie Munnandibu, who was out for a lot of the game with foul trouble. Her 12 points on 5-8 shooting helped her get Bethesda in a tie game with 26 seconds to play.After a timeout the Eagles had possesstion with just a few seconds left to play when a three-pointer was no good.   The Eagles snagged the rebound and got the ball back out and took another shot with just five to play.That is when the game-changing play occurred. Naomi Monroe, who ended up with just three points in 22 minutes played, committed a personal foul on Hill as she shot.Hill sunk both free throws and the Eagles escaped with the win after two failed last-second attempts by the Flames.

Undefeated in Arizona, Flames Sweep First Classic

Saturday, Dec. 29, 2013 – [Women's Basketball]
Phoneix, AZ- The Lady Flames continued to roll in Arizona as they defeated Arizona Christian 67-62 in a tough contest.
The Flames took an early six point edge over the Firestorm at the 16:33 mark, but ACU would battle back and go on a 10-2 to take the lead with 13:18 on the clock, 12-10. BU went on a run of its own holding the Firestorm to just four points in a 10 minute span, 26-16, but ACU would give the Flames a taste of its own medicine going on a 13-4 run to end the first half down by one point, 30-29.

After the break, the Flames picked up where they left off increasing their lead to 12, 55-43.  The Firestorm tied the game with a minute left on the clock, 62-62, but ACU was forced to put the Flames on the free throw line, where they regained their lead and held on to the victory.  The Flames improve to 6-12 overall.

The Lady Flames placed four players in double figures in scoring and one in rebounding. Brittany Bramlet (17 points), and Arta Kublacova (11 points), Gabriela Borges (11 points), and Lisette Longomo (10 points).  Emilie Munnandibu finished with  9 points, 16 rebounds.

Flames Bounce Back With Win

Friday, Dec. 28, 2013 – [Women's Basketball]
Phoneix, AZ- After dropping a heartbreaking game right before the break, The Lady Flames bounced back with a win over Chandler-Gilbert in the Arizona Christian College Christmas Tournament.
The Lady Flames started out slow, but was able to take a 29-26 lead into the half.  The Lady Flames only committed four turnovers in the first half which was a season low.  Strong shooting kept Chandler Gilbert in the game and they were able to capture the lead in the second half.  The Lady Flames stayed poised and regain the lead when Naomi Monroe hit back to back three point shots.  The Lady Flames never looked backed after that point.  The final score was 62-58.
The Lady Flames placed two players in double figures in scoring and one in rebounding. Emilie Munnandibu (12 points, 16 rebounds), and Arta Kublacova (17 points).

Questionable Call Sends Game into Overtime

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013 – [Women's Basketball]

Riverside, CA-  A game that started out sluggish, ended with a lot of action on Thursday night down in Riverside.  The Lady Flames fell to La Sierra in overtime by a score of 67-74.  In overtime La Sierra made key baskets to put just enough distance between them and the Lady Flames.  But before overtime  started, the Lady Flames were up by 3 points with 8 seconds left in regulation.  La Sierra executed what seemed to be a well design play to get the ball into the hand of one of their shooters.  The shot went up, sailed wide left and the game seemed to be over.  Then a late whistle was blown, the shooter was awarded 3 free-throw and the rest is history.

“It was a tough loss.  We battled back to get into position to win.  Arta hit what appeared to be the game winner!  To go to overtime on a play like that just blows my mind.  But I always tell the ladies when you play on the road, you have to be 10 points better than the opponent.  Anything close or controversial will never go your way.  We are a program that nobody wants to loose to, teams only scheduled us because they thought it would be an easy game like last year.  We have turned this program around from last year and all we can do is keep getting better.  This lost hurts but hey, the ball doesn’t always bounce your way.” Coach Pruitt said.

The Lady Flames placed four players in double figures in scoring and two in rebounding. Emilie Munnandibu (12 points, 10 rebounds), Lisette Longomo (10 points, 11 rebounds) Arta Kublacova (16 points) and Gabriela Borges (12 points).



Inside Effort Paces Bethesda Christian to Victory

PASADENA, CA – A strong low post effort aided in Bethesda Christian’s 68-55 win over Caltech on Monday evening in women’s basketball match-up.

The Flames held a 40-8 edge in points in the paint while tallying a 59-39 rebounding edge. They placed three players in double figures in both scoring and rebounding. Emilie Munnandibu (14 points, 17 rebounds), Lisette Longomo (17 points, 12 rebounds) and Francis Ordonez (10 points, 10 rebounds) all recorded double-doubles.

A nip-and-tuck first half slowly went the way of the Flames. Bethesda Christian gained the game’s momentum heading into the locker room by finishing the frame on an 11-5 scoring run. The visitors held a 29-23 lead at intermission.

Bethesda Christian jumped out quickly to start the second half. The visitors took the biggest lead of the evening by scoring 18 of the first 27 points to start the stanza. The Beavers were able to dwindle that 47-32 deficit down to six points.

Unfortunately for the home standing Beavers that was as close as they would get. The Flames scored seven unanswered points over the next three-plus minutes to all but seal the game.

(courtesy of Caltech)

Lady Flames Start Hot, But Fizzle!
December 12, 2013SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – The Master’s College women’s basketball team extinguished the Bethesda University of California Flames 83-49 Thursday night at Bross Court.The Lady Flames jumped out to a 7-2 lead, but after that it was all Mustang basketball.  As a team, TMC went 30-74 (40.5%) from the field, 16-41 (39%) behind the arc, and 7-14 (50%) behind the charity stripe.  Contributing to the lopsided victory, all available bodies on the Lady Mustang roster earned valuable playing time. Notably, TMC’s bench scored 41 points.
Flames Drop Three, But Show Improvement!
Women’s Basketball - Sun, Dec. 9, 2013 at 10:30 AM
The Lady Flames Return to the Los Angels area after dropping 3 straight on the Road.  The Lady Flames lost an exhibition game to Division 2 opponent Fresno Pacific.  After being in control for most of the game, defensive set backs and a lack of communication came back to haunt the Lady Flames.

 The Lady Flames led by as much at 13, but they also turn the ball over 19 times in addition to giving up 20 offensive rebounds.  “When you give an opponent 39 extra possessions, you can expect to loose,” said Head Coach Jason Pruitt.  “We have to stick to the basics, box out, rebound, and take care of the basketball.”  “If you do that, you can at least give your self a chance to win.” Pruitt said.

On the second leg on the trip the Lady Flames played California Maritime.  The Lady Flames found their selves in the same situation as the game before.   After being in control for most of the game, defensive set backs and a lack of communication came back to haunt the Lady Flames for the second straight game.  The Flames say a 12-point league evaporate again.  They Lady Flames gave up 18 offensive rebounds and turn the ball over 24 times.

In the last game The Lady Flames played the #23 team in NAIA Division 1, Menlo College.  A big first half that put Menlo ahead by 11 points (49-38) and they would never look back. Menlo dominated in nearly every major statistical category including rebounds (56-42), Assists (18-8) and a +3 turnover differential helped the Lady Oaks defeat The Lady Flames.  “It’s a reason they are  top 25 team, all   of their players know their roles, they are tough, fundamental, and smart with the basketball.” Said Coach Pruitt


Flames Burn Their Way to Victory

Women’s Basketball - Sun, Dec. 1, 2013 at 9:30 PM
MERCED, Calif. – The UC Merced Bobcats played host to the Bethesda University of California Flames this evening.

This was the second meeting between these two teams this season where the Flames edged past the Bobcats in their previous meeting 70-68.

The Flames started with a strong 10-0 run over the Bobcats with good ball movement while the Bobcats struggled to put power behind a number of their shots having them fall short.

With the Bobcats down by as much as 23 with 3:19 remaining in the half they were able to claw their way back within 15 (24-39) at intermission.

Bethesda’s Brittant Bramlet led all scorers with 18 in the first half.  Both the Bobcats and Flames took 30 shots from the field and 14 shots from behind the arc, but the difference came as the Flames were 50% from the field and from behind the arc while the Bobcats were 26% from the field and 35% from behind the arc.

With the Bobcats drawing 11 fouls off the Flames they went to the charity stripe 11 times in the first half but only capitalized on 3 (27%), missing out on some valuable points to make up the difference.

For Bethesda, Bramlet led with 22 points while Francis Ordonez had an all-around game with 21 points, 17 rebounds, five assists and five blocks.  Rounding out double figures for the Flames was Arta Kublacova with 11 points.


Flames Shine Brighter At The End

LA MIRADA, Calif. — Turnovers made all the difference in a very sloppy game on Monday night in Chase Gymnasium. Biola and Bethesda turned the ball over to one another a total of 54 times in a 54-52 Bethesda win.  Both teams looked out of sorts throughout the evening, shooting a combined 37.6 percent from the floor.

Biola was up by nine points with two and a half minutes to play, until Bethesda finally woke up!  Bethesda was money from the floor throughout those last couple minutes, looking like a completely different team from the rest of the game. They made five of seven shots to turn a nine-point deficit to a two-point advantage.

Lisette Longomo and Emilie Munnandibu were the two powerful presences on the court for the Flames as they staged their comeback win, combining for five points and three rebounds down the stretch.
Longomo led the Flames with 15 points and Munnandibu snagged 11 rebounds to lead Bethesda. Bethesda dominated the inside game tonight, taking advantage of Munnandibu’s 6’5″ frame to outscore the Eagles 28-16 in the paint.


Flames Turn-Up The Heat

Eagle Rock, CA -  The Bethesda University of California knocked off Arizona Christian 73-57.

The Flames managed to use their size to their advantage recording 16 second chance points to the Firestorms four and out-rebounding the Firestorm 59-to-37. The Flames had four players in double figures. Emilie Munnandibu, a 6’5 Arizona Western College transfer, led the Flames with 22 points and 20 rebounds.

The Flames used their size to their advantage recording 38 points in the paint, while the Firestorm managed 22 points. ACU would tie the score twice in the second half, but each time the Flames would hold off the Firestorm.


Flames Look To Bounce Back After Tough Loss

Eagle Rock, CA –  After a sloppy turnover-filled game against San Diego Christian College, the Lady Flames are in action today against Arizona Christian.  The Flames will have starting Point Guard Gabby Borges back in the line-up.  She has been out for the last 3-4 weeks with an ankle injury.  “We are going to monitor Gabby’s minutes and see how she comes out, ”  Said Coach Pruitt “The last thing we want to do is have her re injure the ankle.”

Game time will be at 1pm at Occidental College!


Bethesda University Fall To The Lady Hawks On The Road

EL CAJON, Calif. –  The Lady Hawks defeated Bethesda University 76-60 Tuesday night for the team’s third straight win to open the season.  Bethesda falls to 1-6.

With the score tied at 22, The Lady Hawks hit one of their threes to take a three point lead. The Lady Hawks would lead the rest of the way. 

Lisette Longomo led all scorers with 16 points. Teammate Emilie Munnandibu tallied 15 and was the only Lady Flame in double figures. Bethesda shot 35 percent from the floor and only made one 3-pointer out of 10 attempts.

The Lady Hawks held a slight advantage in rebounds collecting 45 to Bethesda’s 39.


Bethesda Lady Flames Defeat U.C. Merced to Score First Win In Program History

Eagle Rock, CA -  The Lady Flames edge out  U.C. Merced to score the first win in program history 70-68.

The women’s basketball team pulled off a close win over U.C. Merced on Sunday night.  “It was a tough win. They are a great team that plays hard and competes, so having our first win be against a tough team was really good for our team as a whole,” Coach Pruitt said.

The Lady Flames will Travel to San Diego Christian on Tuesday, November 19.


Last Minute Layup, Spoils Lady Flames Victory

CLAREMONT, Calif. – Bethesda University lost to the Claremont-Mudd-Scripps women’s basketball team 64-63 on Friday night.  The Athenas held the momentum for the majority of the game, but a second half surge by the Flames forced the game to come down to the final minute.

Bethesda out-scored the Athenas in the second half. But gave up a layup with 4.2 seconds in the game to give Claremont-Mudd-Scripps the victory.  The Lady Flames still had a chance to win the game with .4 seconds left, but missed two free-throws.


Lady Flames look for First Win!

WBB: CMS vs. Bethesda Christian

Starts at 10 p.m. (7 p.m. PT) on Nov 15, 2013.

CMS takes on Bethesda Christian in Women’s Basketball in Claremont, CA

Video Player (All Platforms): http://www.firstteambroadcasting.com/events/2013/11/15/wbb-cms-vs-bethesda-christian/

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Experience Prevails

SANTA CLARITA, CA – The 10th-ranked Master’s College women’s basketball explodes in Thursday’s home opener against Bethesda!

Rocketing out to an 11-0 start, TMC appeared to have had things under control against Bethesda’s initial lackluster performance.  Down, but not out, the Flames slowly singed the Lady Mustangs’ lead, and eventually caught up to tie the score at 22-22.

After the break, the explosion happened.  The 10th-ranked Master’s College women’s basketball who was relatively quite in the first half, drained the first of six three-pointers at the 16:49 mark, raising TMC’s lead to 44-29.

Almost 10 minutes later at the 6:29 mark, the Lady Mustangs gained a comfortable lead at 71-52.

Bethesda had no answer for the deep ball on Thursday night.


Making Improvement!

Anaheim, CA – Despite being winless so far, The Flames are improving everyday.  The Bethesda Women’s basketball team has one of the toughest independent schedules in the country and has competed in all of their games so far.

Head Coach Jason Pruitt said ” We just have to gel and get into a rhythm, people forget that we have 16 new players who have never played together before now.  As a team we just need to play hard, box out and rebound and everything will fall into place.”

Tonight the Lady Flames will take on The Master’s College, whom is ranked #10 in the country NAIA Division 1.

You can Watch the game here!



Slow Start Spoils Bethesda Big Stage Debut

COSTA MESA, Calif. – Vanguard registered a 93-67 win over Bethesda University of California on Saturday evening.

Bethesda held a three point lead (5-2) at 18:36 after opening with a pair of free throws and bucket from downtown, but the Flames’ edge was short-lived as Vanguard composed itself to rattle off 54 first-half points en route to a 30-point advantage at the break.

Bethesda had no answer for VU’s multi-option offense while being frustrated by the Lions’ tenacious defense.  The Flames committed 23 turnovers in the match-up.  Lisette Longomo was Bethesda’s leading scorer, posting 18 points in the loss.


Lady Flames Come Up Short in OT!

Riverside, Calif. - The Lady Flames lost a heartbreaker to Golden Eagles  70-67.

The Golden Eagles jumped out to an early 16-7 lead.  La Sierra maintained the nine-point lead until midway through the first half.  The Flames outscored the Golden Eagles 15-3 in the final 9:30 of the first half, to take a 29-26 lead into the half.

In the second half, La Sierra struggled to gain their footing and the Flames took advantage, pushing the lead to 41-31 just over seven minutes into the second half.  The Golden Eagles cut the lead to seven points (45-38).  But the Flames answered back with an 8-0 run to increase their lead to 53-38 with six minutes left in the game.

With six minutes remaining the Golden Eagles put together a 19-4 run to send the game into overtime.  With 12.6 seconds on the clock, the Golden Eagles got their hand on the attempted inbounds pass that was eventually collected by them and they hit s floater to tie the score at 57-57.  Bethesda was unable to get at shot up in the final 6.6 seconds, sending the game into overtime.

Bethesda cut the lead to one point on a field goal by Francis Ordonez with 28 seconds remaining, but the Lady Eagles knocked down two free throws to push the lead to three.

Lisette Longomo  tallied a double double with 14 points and 10 rebounds led the Flames.


Lady Flames Drop Season Opener

Fullerton, CA- Up seven points with seven and half minutes to play in the first half,  Bethesda University was hit by a 17 point turn around before the half to fall behind and go on to loose 94-74 to Hope International in the season opener for both teams.  Lisette Longomo  led the flames with24 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block and 1 steal.  Emille Munnandibu helped with 20 points & 7 rebounds, Ata Kublacova chipped in 10 points.

Head Coach Jason Pruitt said,  “we have to stay focus and execute.  Just because we jump out on a team , does not mean that they are going to lay down and die.  We have to work on the details and play defense! It’s a long season and we have 28 more games to go!”

The flames will travel to La Sierria University on Monday, November 4 to play LSU who is coming off of a loss to Defending National Champions, Westmont.



The Lady Flames will Travel to Hope International for Season Opener


The Bethesda women’s basketball team will travel to Hope International for the season opener.  Expectations are high for head coach Jason Pruitt’s Lady Flames, coming off of a winless season in 2012-2013.  The Lady Flames welcome 13 newcomers and 4 new coaches to the program.

Coach Walker, first year assistant coach with the program said “His expectations for this season are high, “We have plenty of experienced players that should contribute right away.”   Coach Cassandra Berry, also a first year assistant at Bethesda said, “I think the biggest challenge will be not beating ourselves, it’s the little things that beat us as a team.”

Coach Jason Pruitt is in his first year at Bethesda stated at media day, “We are all motivated to be a top contender, It’s important for our team to come out with confidence and a chip on our shoulder that we are the best team.”  Pruitt believes the team works well together and can all hold each other responsible for playing their best during practice and games.

We have to be able to compete at a high level,”  Coach Michael Walker said.  ”We were a good team, but not a great team. We’re working on addressing how to play the full 40 minutes and finish games. It’ll be something we have to push hard to do, and we’ll see if we’re able to do it.”

The Lady Flames will mark the opening of the women’s basketball season and look for the programs first ever win. The Lady Flames will take on Hope International at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 29 in Fullerton, CA at Darling Pavilion.






Anaheim, CA.-    The Bethesda women’s basketball team kicked off preseason practice this week as the Flames begin preparation for the season opener at Hope International on Oct. 29. The team is led by head coach Jason Pruitt who is entering his 1st season at the helm.

“We’re really excited to start official practices,” said Pruitt. “The ladies have had a very strong preseason with their conditioning, strength training and on-court workouts. Our overall strength is probably as good as it has ever been within our program.”

The flames will welcome 13 newcomers to the squad , in addition to three returners.  ”We have high expectations for this group,” said Pruitt. “On paper, it’s probably one of the strongest recruiting classes.  Through the preseason, the ladies have proved everything that we thought about them.”


Local Talent Joins The Flames  Jadrienne DeLeon

jadrane“One of the best on the ball defender I seen in high school last year.”  said Pruitt. “In addition she is a knock down shooter, that will keep the defense honest.” Jadrienne is born & raised in California.  She is a incoming freshman from John A. Rowland H.S. in Rowland Heights, CA.  She is determined to work hard and make her dad proud.  DeLeon says, “I always have faith even when theirs hardly any hope.” Last season she had a career high of 21 pts in a game and she averaged 11pts and 1 steal a game & 1 had one career double double with 15 pts and 10 steals.  She is a strong defender, team player, and deadly from behind the arc.  Favorite quote, “I ain’t got no worries” – LeBron James 2013 NBA champ


Gabby Borges

gabbyThe Bethesda University of California women’s basketball team and head coach Jason Pruitt picked up another recruit for the 2013-14 season.

Gabriela attended Fernao Dias High School in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    She played for the Bradesco Sports Club and Vaginha Sports Club.

Borges plays a shooting guard, but when called upon, she can help the team out at the point-guard position. She is a junior transfer student from Eastern Utah State University who loves to shoot the ball.  Before Eastern Utah State University, Gabriela spent a year at The College of Southern Idaho (picture courtesy of The College of Southern Idaho)


Emille Muanandibu (MOO-uh-NAHN-dee-boo) Joins the Flames!


Emille Muanandibu (MOO-uh-NAHN-dee-boo) joins Bethesda University of California.  Emille is comes to Bethesda from Arizona Western College.

During he time at Arizona College, Emille Muanandibu was named to the postseason squads, since she accomplished a lot in two years at AWC while saying very little on the court.  Muanandibu came to Yuma directly from her hometown of Kinshasa, Congo, Africa, and had to learn the English language and the college game at the same time.  Emille continued to make great strides throughout the time she was there.  She put in work during the off-season on her footwork, her ball control, and her short-range shot that made a huge difference in her effectiveness inside for the Lady Matadors.  While she was never looked to by the team to be their primary scorer, she was nearly always in double figures in scoring, highlighted by a career-high 21 points against South Mountain

Muanandibu’s presence in the lane was a major deterrent to many an opposing offense, and her 2.5 blocked shots per game led her conference.  Muanandibu averaged a ‘double-double’ for the season with 11.3 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Players of Emille’s caliber are very rare, and we are blessed to have her .  Coach Pruitt said, “She will make an immediate from, the time she steps on the court ”  (picture courtesy of AWC)


McMillen Brings Her Talents to Bethesda

McMillenBorn in San Bernardino, and raised in Victorville, California,  Shaylynn played 4 years of varsity for Victor Valley High School.  She was captain for 3 years, after her freshman year she averaged 8 points. During her junior year, she doubled her averaged to 18 points.  Her senior of high school she averaged 23 points and 9 rebounds.

“She knows how to score”  said Pruitt. “Shaylynn brings the toughness we will need this year”

Shaylynn played college basketball at San Bernardino Valley where she started as a freshman and helped carry her team to semi finals off play offs and a conference record of

14-0.  Her sophomore year, she was captain of the team where she came off the bench after tearing my acl in preseason.  Shaylynn was able to help her team to the semi finals in play offs once again.